algebra I

Interactive problems: Bug spray


In the activities below, use the distributive property to stun some bugs. The expression next to each bug states the expression you must create in order to stun it.

To create an expression, drag a canister up to the hole next to the button labeled Spray It, and set the coefficient. The canisters are on the lower left and have labels with expressions such as (x + 1). By coefficient, we mean a number that the expression will be multiplied by, such as the 3 in 3(x + 1). You set the coefficient using the arrow keys next to it.

If the product of the coefficient and the canister expression matches the expression next to one of the bugs, pressing Spray It will wipe out the bug.


Use the distributive property to create expressions that match the bugs.


The activity below is similar to the one above.


Drag a canister to the hole. When you press Spray It, the expression will be multiplied by the coefficient next to the canister, so choose it wisely!