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Pre Algebra Title
Graphing a Linear Equation Quickly
In this excerpt, a student learns to graph equation of the form y = mx + b. It requires that a student already know the meaning of m and b in the equation.
Graphing a Linear Equation Quickly Graphing a Linear Equation Quickly
Operations with Real Numbers
Instead of a lesson, we simply supply an activity to reinforce studentsí knowledge of the distributive property. Students must be comfortable with negative numbers and the distributive property. If you are not sure how to use the activity, watch the video!
Operations with Real Numbers Operations with Real Numbers
Solving Equations
This excerpt covers some of the essentials of solving linear equations. It assume students can solve equations like 3 + x = 4, or 2z = 18, and shows how to use both the addition and multiplication properties of equality.
Solving Equations Solving Equations